Are Doodles Right for our Family?

In selecting a pet for your family there are so many aspects to consider! The first and simplest way to start is by learning about what your family needs and expects from a dog. Once you’ve nailed down your requirements you can even take a short online quiz found on dogsplanet.com/dog breed selector. It will tell you breeds that may suit your family.  It is helpful to talk to dog owners of the breed you are interested in & to read blogs & books. A dog is a big commitment but an amazing one if you choose the right breed for your family dynamic and train them well! We needed a dog that was very hypoallergenic, versatile to large and small environments, easily trainable, intelligent, loyal, and active. If those are qualities you are searching for in a dog a doodle may be the right choice for you.

What testing has been done on your adult dogs?

Our breeding dogs are tested for Genetic inherited diseases appropriate for their breed. They are also tested for coat quality and color. Pennhip is done prior to 6 months & appropriate OFA testing is done at 2 years. Our breeding dogs come from health tested parents. These tests help ensure healthy puppies.

Can you test my puppy for healthy genetics for me?

Genetic testing is usually only a necessity for dogs intended for breeding. All of our breeding dogs have had the appropriate genetic testing. If a puppy’s mom and dad is ‘clear’ the puppies from that entire litter are clear by parentage. If a parent carries any genetic disorder this does not mean a puppy will ever have symptoms. A puppy must have 2 copies to have the possibility of showing symptoms. Any puppies with a carrier parent will be tested within the 1st week of life & results should be back by the time the puppy is 6 weeks of age.

What kind of health screening is done on my puppy before I take him/her home?

Each puppy will be checked thoroughly by a certified veterinarian in the following areas: Skin & Coat, Eyes,  Musculoskeletal, Body Condition, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Ears, Urogenital, & Gastrointestinal. Results of this screening will be documented on a veterinary report which will be provided in your puppies file in the puppy packet. Any abnormal findings if any are found will be disclosed to you as far in advance as possible (shortly after examination).

What training do you provide puppies with before going home?

Our puppy training includes early exposure to puppy crate & carrier. Puppies also receive early exposure to new things, early neurological stimulation and noise desensitization. The teaching / training helps your puppy form an open mindset to experiencing and enjoying new things. This also serves to strengthen your puppies stress tolerance so that your puppy can deal with stress or frustration in a positive way. The continuation of this training is crucial and should be followed by obedience training so that the line of communication between you and your puppy can stay open, positive and productive.

What’s in the Puppy Package?

Your puppy package will include the following: Thorough veterinary report, vaccines and dewormer history & schedule, copy of your puppy’s 1-year Health Guarantee & Sale Agreement, scented toy and blanket, and puppy transition food.

We do not provide Insurance or formal early training classes but we highly recommend getting these things immediately. -Insurance especially at least for the first 6 months.

Can you fly my puppy to me? What are the details?

You can pick your puppy up from our home. We can meet you in person at the Salt Lake City International Airport on a specific date. We do not ship our puppies, but can help provide a wonderful flight nanny. The flight Nanny fee will be $400 plus the cost of the flight for nanny and puppy. Fees associated with separate transportion will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Can I come see the puppies in person?

We do not allow in home visitors. This policy has changed for the health and safety of our puppies and we hope you can understand. 

Where are your puppies whelped?

Our puppies are whelped in homes with a loving family with children and other pets! Puppies will also be exposed to the outdoors.

I can’t come see my puppy before pick up so can you face-time or send me a video?

Yes, we are able to face-time, Marco Polo or send a video to you. This is only available to families with deposits down who have chosen, or are choosing their puppy! 

Do you allow breeding rights or full registration?

No, our puppies are sold as companion pets only. Doodles are a designer breed and are not registered.

When should I get my puppy spayed / Neutered? Do you have a policy on that?

Each breed is different and vets may recommend different things. However, as far as our contract goes, all puppies will be required to be spayed / neutered by the age of 1 & no younger than 8 months old. You may or may not be required to provide proof. We have this policy to help prevent unwanted / unplanned litters and prevent the unethical breeding of our precious puppies. Did you know dogs who are left unaltered have a higher chance of cancer? Unaltered dogs also are more prone to misbehavior and obedience issues even with professional training. Our spay / neuter policy is in place to protect our puppies. We want our puppies to live long happy & healthy lives.

How many dogs do you own? And what breeds do you specialize in?

Currently, we own six adult dogs. They are all mini Bernedoodles, mini Aussiedoodles, and mini Goldendoodles.

How do deposits work?

Once your application is approved and we confirm availability and timing with you, we can then accept your deposit to hold your puppy registration spot through Venmo or personal check. Deposit amount is $500. Puppy selection will be made in order deposits are received. We do not accept deposits until puppies are born. Deposits are transferable but not refundable.  Payment in full is required before you pick up or your puppy is delivered.


Understanding the terminology is important in what the letters and numbers mean.

This is merely a reference guide for the different types of Bernedoodle generations. There are more than what we have included here.

  • F1 Bernedoode: 50% Poodle & 50% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • F1b Bernedoodle: 75% Poodle & 25% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • F1bb Bernedoodle: 87.5% Poodle & 12.5% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • F2 Bernedoodle: 50% Poodle & 50% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • F2b Bernedoodle:  62.5% Poodle & 37.5% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • F2bb Bernedoodle: 81.25% Poodle & 18.75% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • F3 Bernedoode: 62.5% Poodle & 37.5% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Multi-generation Bernedoodles: Several generations of Bernedoodle breeding typically backcross breeding to another Bernedoodle

F1 Bernedoodle = Bernese x Poodle 

F1 = first generation puppy – 50% Bernese and 50% Poodle

A Bernese to Poodle cross is first generation, resulting in healthier offspring. In this particular Bernedoodle cross, hair type can be smooth like a Bernese or wavy/shaggy, more of a mix.  They can shed or not shed and puppies in the same litter can vary. This is not the best cross for people with severe allergies.

F1 Bernedoodle Characteristics:

  • Coat Type: Straight, Wavy or Curly
  • Hypoallergenic: Not Guaranteed
  • Non-shedding: Not Guaranteed
  • Allergy Friendliness: usually successful in families with mild allergies. When a family has moderate to severe allergies, a backcross Bernedoodle is recommended

F1b Bernedoodle = F1 Bernedoodle x Poodle

F1b = backcross puppy – 25% Bernese and 75% Poodle

The F1 Bernedoodle and Poodle cross; this is a Bernedoodle bred back to Poodle— the wavy, curly, shaggy-look Bernedoodle (poodle cross) is very consistent in coat types. F1b is the MOST likely of any Bernedoodle to be non-shedding and allergy-friendly, and is the easiest coat to take care of.

F1B Bernedoodle Characteristics

  • Coat Type: Wavy or Curly
  • Hypoallergenic: Typically is hypoallergenic.
  • Non-shedding: Typically is non-shedding.
  • Allergy Friendliness: recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

F1bb = F1b Bernedoodle x Poodle

F1bb = backcross puppy – 12.5% Bernese and 87.5% Poodle

An F1BB Bernedoodle is the most hypoallergenic and non-shedding of all the first generation Bernedoodles due to the large amount of Poodle genetics.  However, this Bernedoodle generation is great for people with pet allergies and don’t want to have to pick up dog hair everywhere.

F1bb Bernedoodle Characteristics

  • Coat Type: Curly
  • Hypoallergenic: The most hypoallergenic 1st generation Goldendoodle.
  • Non-shedding: The most non-shedding 1st generation Goldendoodle.
  • Allergy Friendliness: F1bb Bernedoodles are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

F2 Bernedoodle = F1 Bernedoodle x F1 Bernedoodle 

F2 = second-generation puppy – 50% Bernese and 50% Poodle

In this combination you get the same percentage of Bernese as Poodle as you would in the F1 Bernedoodle. In the case of the Bernedoodle, they are more likely to shed.

F2 Bernedoodle Characteristics

  • Coat Type: Highly variable and unpredictable. Straight, wavy, or curly.
  • Hypoallergenic: Unpredictable.
  • Non-shedding: Unpredictable.
  • Allergy Friendliness: not recommended for families with allergies, due to the varying coat types.

F3 Bernedoodle = F1 Bernedoodle x F1b Bernedoodle 

F3 = second-generation backcross puppy

F1 Bernedoodle bred to a F1b (hybrid backcross)

F3 Bernedoodle Characteristics

  • Coat Type: Generally Curly
  • Hypoallergenic: Typically, Yes
  • Non-shedding: Typically, Yes
  • Allergy Friendliness: F3 Bernedoodles are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

Multi-generation = F1b Bernedoodle x F1b Bernedoodle or higher generation

F3 or higher-generation hybrid crossed with F3 or higher-generation hybrid

Multi-generation Bernedoodle Characteristics

  • Coat Type: Generally Curly
  • Hypoallergenic: Typically, Yes
  • Non-shedding: Typically, Yes
  • Allergy Friendliness: Multigeneration Bernedoodles are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.