Purchase/Adoption Agreement

Buyer must read, sign and date the Purchase Agreement and Health Agreement.

Should there accrue a need or desire to rehome the dog the owner will contact Happy Doodle Dogs by email at, text or call 385-330-7150. Under no circumstances shall the dog be put in an animal shelter, animal rescue, pet store, a puppy mill or any unethical organization or person. The dog shall not be rehomed unless given permission by seller.

I agree to keep the seller updated periodically with pictures ect… at

I will maintain a regular schedule via self or veterinarian visit to keep dog up to date on worming, vaccinations, flea/lice treatment ect. per age and location appropriate in line with veterinarian requirement.

I will take responsibility for safety and well being for the life of the dog. Dog will be fed a sufficient nutritious daily diet. Dog will have access to sanitary fresh drinking water. Water and feed containers are kept sanitary.

Socialization practiced daily (human interaction) as well as other pets periodically, will be allowed to run and exercise daily outside, weather permitting. The dog will not live or be kept in a cage, crate, pet carrier ect. exceeding a 10 hour period.

Dog will not be kept in any unethical and unsanitary environment. Under no circumstances will this dog be used or abused in a puppy mill facility. Will not be kept on a wire/netting floor.

Buyer understands that all puppies exhibit certain undesirable behaviors (nipping, chewing, barking, marking, etc). Buyer is responsible for appropriate training of puppy to correctly teach acceptable behaviors, and is responsible for proper continued socialization of puppy. Buyer agrees to provide obedience training to puppy. Training may be done independently or through professional trainers. Should Buyer not be successful at obedience training or training of negative behaviors independently, Buyer agrees to seek professional help from a certified trainer should it become necessary. Behaviors that develop due to lack of proper training and socialization are not the Seller’s responsibility. Seller does not claim to be an animal behaviorist or professional trainer and recommends seeking professional help when training questions or needs arise.

Any disputes, mediation or legal proceedings will take place in the state of Utah.

A non-refundable down payment or full payment in the amount determined by seller will reserve puppy prior to ship date. Puppy will not be shipped or released to buyer until full payment has been received in the method required by seller.

I have researched and understand the characteristics of the breed and the caregiving needed as the owner.

I am NOT under the age of 18. (ODA now requires a person to be 18 or older to buy a dog.)

This adoption is for the intent of a companion dog only, no breeding. I agree to spay/neuter your dog after 8 months and before 1 year old. (Spaying a dog too early can be detrimental to their long term health.)

I have read and agree to all that is stated in the above Purchase Agreement and Health Agreement.

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